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Here in Singapore, locals can order their kopi (coffee) in a little plastic bag ‘da bao’: to go. Kopi Club is our way of bringing that same sense of warmth back to you - a takeaway bag of stories that you can enjoy in your homes. 

Our mini newsletter mantras:

  • Coffee chats, but without the bs: conversations about life, art and everyday oddities

  • Learning, for the love of it: modern musings for the thoughtful soul

  • A creative’s day off: a collection of stories, refueling and reflecting for the week ahead

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about us

One March afternoon

Nicole and Justine are two college roommates-turned-best friends who like to share their creative inspirations and thoughts on learning and life. Nicole loves writing, behavioural economics, and other bookish things. In her free time she likes headstands, anything pink and minimalist interior decor. For tweets on podcast notes, mindful productivity, and the human condition, check out @startingfromnix, or read her creative writing at @nicole.  Justine loves all things neuroscience and design, 0.38 ballpoint pens and rewatching 90s rom-com movies (You’ve Got Mail, always). If she were to win in any competitive sport, it would either be coffee-drinking or playlist-making; you can keep up with her caffeine-fueled adventures on @justhercaffeine, or listen to some (self-proclaimed) funky tunes on justinedje.

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Coffee Chats without the business BS. Conversations about life, art, and oddities.